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October 30, 2009

DEMP – Distributed Electronic Marketplace

In today’s rapidly changing world, the greatest success is achieving by those companies  that  use the latest techniques as an instrument of growth. Following its mission to move the cutting-edge technologies into market,  Institute of Physics (IOP)  , National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) , has  launched in operation the Distributed  Electronic Marketplace or DEMP.

The DEMP is design to have three levels: front-end,  middle, and back-end.


The central part of the front-end is our official   e-marketplace  – IOP2B

IOP2B is an acronym that stands for IOP to Business. Our electronic marketplace will serve customers all round the world and give them  24 x 7 hours support. The  DEMP’s front-end includes also the number of  various branches, particularly  at , at , etc. each of them targets the specific market niche.

The  middle-level of the DEMP  is represented by  our Electronic  Technology Transfer Office or e-TTO.

The back-end is formed by our Knowledge Sharing & Collaborative Platform  (utilizing  various Virtual Team Space tools) that  allows the  e-TTO to share custom requests  withing  the best professionals  of our organization in synchronous, semisynchronous and asynchronous ways and, consequently to engage them, virtually at the speed of light,  in the customs’ problems solving.

DEMP  gives  an access to a broad range of knowledge-intensive products developed in Institute of Physics , NASU : modern cryostat systems, laser micromachining products, plasma based techniques, pyroelectric products, holographic products, IR-censors, etc.

To facilitate  the endeavor of business companies in finding the best hi-tech products in the market , IOP2B blog will keep everyone abreast  of the latest developments relevant to  IOP’s activity.

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